Google Analytics tracking

If you have Google Analytics (GA4) enabled on the site where your bot is hosted, you can send Helpfruit events to Google Analytics for further analysis. 


  • Google Analytics Account
  • GA4 Analytics running on the site your bot appears on (learn more)


How to set up GA4 tracking

1. Navigate to the Features Control tab in the main configuration screen in the Helpfruit portal.

2. Enable Google Analytics tracking

Next you will need to enter your Google Analytics API key (secret value). Follow the steps below to generate this key.


How to generate a Google Analytics API Key / secret value for event tracking

To find the API key in your Google Analytics account:

1. Navigate to Admin > Data Streams for the relevant account and property:

2. Select the relevant data stream (typically, this will represent the website your bot is hosted on).

3. Select Measurement Protocol API secrets (learn more about Measurement Protocol for GA4)

4. Click Create, give your API secret a nickname, and once you've created it, copy the secret value.

6. Paste the secret value you have just copied into the Helpfruit portal:

7. Click Save to complete the setup. 

Tracked Helpfruit events

The following events are tracked in Helpfruit and will be sent to Google Analytics once the integration is set up.

  • Form Start
  • Form Complete
  • Form Cancelled
  • Engagement Triggered
  • Change Language
  • No Answer
  • Chit Chat
  • Knowledge Base Answered
  • Web Search
  • Feedback Received

Additional setup in GA4

You may also need to set up Helpfruit events as custom events in your Google Analytics account. Learn more.